I can’t stop touching it…

Posted on July 20, 2010
MacShaman-iPhone ... my shiny new iPhone that is! I like you, and I like this phone so much that I want someone else out there to enjoy it too. So, MacShaman, Inc. is hosting an iPhone 4 Giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a 32GB iPhone 4– woot! As a bonus, we will include an official MacShaman T-shirt! Enter in a few different ways, and hopefully you will be a winner! Good Luck! 4 Ways To Win 1) Leave a comment below explaining how badly you want a new iPhone 4 and why! 2) Mention this giveaway on Twitter (using @MacShaman). Please copy and paste the following tweet exactly: @macshaman is giving away an iPhone 4, and more! RT to enter to win or click to find out other ways to enter… http://macshaman.com/e2 (make sure you follow MacShaman on Twitter to be contacted if you win!) 3) "Like" us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boston-MA/MacShaman-Inc Feel free to comment as well! 4) Join the MacShaman email list. Fill out the form on the bottom right of this page and confirm. Be sure to add macshaman.com to the approved senders list in your email program. Awesome MacShaman T-shirt If you don't happen to be the lucky winner of our iPhone 4– dont worry, we are also giving away some awesome MacShaman T-Shirts. By entering our iPhone 4 contest you will automatically be eligible to win a MacShaman T-shirt.  Enter to win just the T-shirt if you like!
The Fine Print Contest begins on July 20,2010 at 12:00AM, and ends August 20, 2010. Enter in any or all 4 ways to increase your chances of winning. All winners must be 18 years or older. iPhone 4 32GB valued at $299.00US. Winner is responsible for any taxes, activation fees, monthly billings or other associated charges. Winners agree to have name published. Winners will be selected on August 21, 2010 and announced on our web site, Twitter, and our Facebook page. Family members excluded. Contest open to US residents only.

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  • Bob

    I can't stop touching mine either! So I want to share the thrill with someone else

  • Anastasia

    I reaaaaaaaaaaally want an iPhone 4 because, well, I'm a college kid in a hell of a lot of loan debt and I will never be able to afford one. I am graduating this August after 6 years of classes (always a full-time student, mind you) and working two jobs the entire time. The iPhone 4 is such a treat! I'm an aspiring photographer, too, and I am dying to play around with the video camera feature as well as some of the camera Apps. My current laptop is a PowerBook G4 (yeah, that's how long I am making my Mac products last)…Also, I never win anything. Ever.

  • mcbrighid

    I want it! so shiny….::drool::

  • Jconroy

    Hey Mac, I want to win. John Conroy… Hope all is well with you and the fam.

  • Marsbere

    Craig, are you going to touch it first?

  • Ann Bain

    I need the new Iphone because we are having our first grandchild (Oliver) and he will be living in California – we want to be able to see him when we are talking, so the new video chat function will be awesome!!! Please help us to have a closer relationship with our grandson and to witness all his big moments firsthand!!! Plus, we promise to keep referring you new clients!!!! Is that a bribe????

  • C.Dute

    I deserve an Iphone 4 because my last cell phone is StarTac. Yup. A Motorola StarTac, the crown Jewel of cell phones. In 1998. That's when Lycos was the best search engine. When Seinfeld was best show on TV. When Ace of Base was best selling band in world. StarTac. If I had an Iphone 4, I might just remove myself from the type of social obscurity I am now relegated to. It would be nice to have a phone in color. That works right. Do you know that a StarTac has a plastic extending antenna. Yup an antenna. Please save me from my current plight and help me out with a new iPhone.

  • pollypocket

    I would love a new iphone because my husband wants one so bad and he is leaving me with two kids. He wants the new phone so bad but will be too busy paying child support. I would love to rub it in his face…… oh and to take pictures of my kids with! = )

    The End

  • omgwtfbruce

    i would like a new iphone 4 because, well… my prized mac item (white macbook dual core) was peed on by a roommate's cat. this made me sad. very sad. having a new iphone 4 will satisfy my mac wants (for a while) and make me feel a whole lot better about my very large, white, very expensive paperweight.

  • Jrhud2005

    I really would like to win because im tired of my rinky dink non smart phone and its impossible to get one in stores! Im the only one in my family without one of some sorts and im the only Gen-Y, everyone else is old… how embarrassing!

  • NTE

    I'd love a new I phone because my 10 year old nephew has a cooler phone than me. My phone is from the 90s, let's put it that way. And his? is from this year. This is not helping me look like the cool aunt, that's for sure.

  • Scott

    I really really really REALLY need another iPhone so my daughter and wife will stop screwing with mine. My wife takes my phone to play games and that just gets my goat when I NEED to use it. Same goes for my 4 year old girl. My daughter really wants the iPhone so she can use the games that teach her things like math, science and language. And again, when she is playing / learning I cant do crap. So hook me up Craig. After all, I'll be your best new client and refer ya plenty more biz.

  • forbetaorworse

    I want to win an iPhone 4 because my dad isn't so good with technology and I'd like to make it easier for us to communicate when I move far away. The iPhone is the only phone he can pick up and understand how to use (text, email, etc).

  • Jason H

    I want a new iphone4 so I can FaceTime w/my family on the other side of the country and show them how great it is to touch!:)

  • GT

    Sorry everyone, I dont have a heart felt reason why I should get this slick new cutting edge iphone that drops my calls about 25 percent of the time. I only have the problem when I hold it….Think the carrier needs to resolve some issues pretty quick. I am starting to enjoy this phone thanks to Craig for his reccomendation. My last phone was NOKIA 9300 which was beat up pretty bad but still worked, it had really fat numbers which were easy to press, and I also dropped calls most of the time. I need this iphone because i need a spare. As Always Dean

  • B Mac

    How badly do I want an iPhone?! Really bad. Let me draw some comparisons: 1) As much as flight attendants want attention. (Please help Steven Slater http://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Steven-Slate…) 2) As much as women want Chicken McNuggets. (http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2010/08/10/…) 3) As much as some people want to go to Disney (http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20100809/od_nm/us_ca…). If I don't win, then I'm going with Kama Sutra on tape (http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20100805/od_nm/us_br…). SERIOUSLY, I HATE MY BLACKBERRY BUT AM TOO CHEAP TO SWITCH. SAVE ME. PLEASE.

  • desi gonzalez –

    Craig! I would love the iphone 4 because I am spoiled and I dont make enough money to buy it. I should get a new job…. hmmmm

  • Karen Quintus

    Why do I need an IPhone???? let me count the ways…..
    1) My present phone, as cute and pink as it may be, is held together with duct tape
    2) Everyone says i am totally disorganized (tho I don't believe them) and claim that the iPhone will manage to keep on track
    3) my home pc has a mind of its own and will, without any warning whatsoever, shut off at The most inopportune times (while I'm trying to plow my fields in Farmville! Duh!)
    4) My life is a total mess and I need an iPhone to make it less messy
    5) I am having my 1st granddaughter (OK, my son and his wife are actually having the baby), and she will be living in Tampa since that's where the parents live….and it would be awesome to have an iPhone!
    6) I can cook you a great spaghetti dinner! W(h)ine included!
    7) Everyone thinks I should win.
    8) Lastly, Craig, you KNOW you want to give me an iPhone!
    So, what do you think???

  • Marsbere

    Hey Craig – I don' twitt or tweet so that's out. And, I'm already on you e-mail list.

  • Karen

    I would call you BUT MY PHONE IS BROKEN!!!! the duct tape came off and it spilled its guts all over the street!!!!! so, when can i pick up my new phone please?????

  • michael

    I should win it so that my phone will be newer than David's.

  • pollypocket

    Im wondering why I haven't been notified of my winnings yet? heh heh = )
    polly pocket

  • Chris Akelian

    Nice…..MacShaman.com is the top hit for a Google search for “I can't stop touching it”!! I love it!!! Also….let me know when I can pick my iPhone. Thanks.

  • Karen

    Hey Craig…
    today's my birthday……what would be greater than an iPhone from you????

  • pollypocketkelly

    Congrats Chris!
    If you decide you don't like your new phone……. u can send it my way. = )


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