Testimonial: Boston Casting

December 2, 2009 No comments yet
As a small business owner, my computers are my lifeline. Whenever we have a problem, Craig is there. We can’t afford to lose valuable time. MacShaman is indispensable! Angela Peri, C.S.A., Owner, Boston Casting boston_casting

Testimonial: Charles Newirth

November 17, 2009 No comments yet
MacShaman was a savior when it came to troubleshooting and problem solving. Thanks for coming to the rescue! — Charles Newirth, Executive Producer, The Zookeeper

Testimonial: Binocular, Inc.

April 23, 2009 No comments yet
Craig is an expert in Apple technologies. He brings a vast knowledge of networking, data management, and IT support to the table. He is reliable and efficient. — Ross Lucivero, binocular inc binocular inc

Testimonial: CMG Architects

February 19, 2009 No comments yet
You have been everything a tech consultant should be and more ... — Carmen Garufo, CMG Architects

Testimonial: Red Hawk Entertainment

September 10, 2008 No comments yet
You're like poetry in motion ... — Dorothy Aufiero, Red Hawk Entertainment


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