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-MORE- Inappropriate Wireless Network Names

May 14, 2010 2 comments

Earlier this year Huffington Post put together a list of some of the “most inappropriate Wireless network names”, compiled from PassiveAggressiveNotes.com and WTFWifi.com We thought we would share a few of our own that were gathered during a recent drive around Boston. Enjoy!

Why you maybe shouldn’t buy a Mac at Best Buy

December 22, 2009 No comments yet

Exhibit  A: Frozen iMac on Display at Best Buy (click image to enlarge) Exhibit B: Closer inspection reveals this Adorable Nude Blonde Barbie is most likely going to be auctioned off to someone else! (click image to enlarge)

The IT Crowd – “This, Jen, is the internet.” – Always funny no matter how many times you watch it

November 30, 2009 No comments yet

The IT Crowd – “This, Jen, is the internet.” Watch (Link to YouTube) https://youtu.be/GilglW99kFY The IT Crowd website http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-it-crowd

Sweet USB Rubber Chicken Drive

April 7, 2009 No comments yet

via: Craziestgadgets

Broke Mac Mountain

October 2, 2007 No comments yet


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